Nirjala Ekadasi


Nirjala Ekadasi During the hottest season (northern hemisphere), if one can perform upavasa without water one is performing a great feat. One may take only caranamrta and acamana water. Bhima requested one vrata day by which he could obtain the fruits of all the other days of vrata that [...]

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Mohini Ekadasi


Mohini Ekadasi Sri Yudhisthira Maharaja said, "Oh Janardana, what is the name of the Ekadasi that occurs during the light fortnight (sukla paksha) of the month of Vaisakha (April-May) ? What is the process for observing it properly? Kindly narrate all of these details to me. The Supreme Personality [...]

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Amalaki Ekadasi


Amalaki Ekadasi Glories of Amalaki Ekadasi King Mandhata once said to Vasishtha Muni, “O great sage, kindly be merciful to me and tell me of a holy fast that will benefit me eternally.” Vasishtha Muni replied. “O king, kindly listen as I describe the best of all fast days, [...]

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Putrada Ekadasi


Putrada Ekadasi Putrada Ekadasi (Pausha-shukla Ekaadasi) The pious and saintly Yudhisthira Maharaj said, "Oh Lord, You have so nicely explained to us the wonderful glories of the Saphalaa Ekaadasi,which occurs during the dark fortnight (Krishna paksha) of the month of Pausha (December - January). Now please be merciful [...]

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Mokshada Ekadasi


Mokshada Ekadasi The Ancient History of Mokshada Ekadasi from Brahmanda Purana: Yudhishthira Maharaj said, "O Vishnu, master of all, O delight of the three worlds, O Lord of the entire Universe, O creator of the world, O oldest personality, O best of all beings, I offer my most respectful obeisances [...]

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