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The devotees serving on our farm make it their priority to serve the cows and make them feel happy and loved. And what are some of the direct ways to serve these sacred living beings? By feeding them and by brushing and grooming them.

It is known that cows love being scratched and brushed. Some studies show that for cows, getting a good scratch is as important as a nice meal.

Our herd of happy cows is not small, 120 cows and bulls, and we cannot brush and groom each of them every day, although we are trying our best. So we would like to purchase automatic brushes to make our happy cows even happier.

These brushes have been designed for cows to scratch themselves against whenever they need to. We want to purchase two of them – one for the cows, and one for the bulls and oxen.

Each brush costs around 1200 US Dollars. So far we have managed to collect 500 US Dollars. If you want to participate in offering this direct service to Mother Cow, you can donate any sum of money. Our happy cows will be much happier and shower more mercy and blessings on you, once that itch is alleviated.


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Vyala Johnson

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Jai Radhe and joy for days! To you, my father, and to Krishna's best beasts.


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Sunita Duggal

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Chandulal C Parekh

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For Chandulal C Parekh, Madhukantaben C Parekh, Sanjay and Family and brothers and sisters.

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