Vaishnava Communities – the Gateway to Satya-yuga

It’s no secret that we are living in the sub period of the Golden Age inside the age of Kali-yuga.  But what does that practically mean? And how does that correlate with what we can see now? COVID, lockdown, people dying, including devotees? And what do communities have to do with making Satya-yuga blossom in full? You might find some answers in this article.

Krishna has kept His promise

In Brahma-vaivarta purana Krishna promises Ganga devi that in 5000 years after the advent of Kali-yuga a special period is going to take place which is to hold the progressing of the “Iron Age” for about 10 000 years. His mantra-upasaka is going to come and spread the chanting of His Holy name all over the world, and it’s going to be the time of spiritual awakening that is exactly like Satya-yuga.

And indeed, we can see that Krishna has kept His promise. Over 500 years ago Lord Caitanya descended on this planet and brought with Him the most valuable jewel– His Holy Name and Krishna-prema-bhakti. Some time later His pure devotee, Srila Prabhupada, came to the West and made this treasure accessible to the whole world. It’s getting harder to find a person who has never heard about the Hare Krishna. There’s still a lot of ground to cover, of course, but there was never a time in the history of our Kali-yuga when spiritual knowledge was more accessible.

Weathering the storm is not an option

However, the times we are living in cannot be called easy. Many of us might even wonder if the process is going in the right direction at all: global economic crises, huge ecological problems, mass animal slaughters, and now the epidemics, lockdowns etc. Unless we are living in a temple somewhere in the country and never watch the news, we can start having doubts whether the golden age is really coming as predicted.

But this shift between the two yugas can’t be an easy thing – it’s not like you fall asleep in Kali-yuga and wake up in Satya-yuga. Some purification might be required. And so far the turning point hasn’t been reached, it seems. People need to suffer enough to realize that the old ways of materialistic civilization and consumerism no longer work, at least not without some heavy consequences. So, yes, some troubles are to be expected before enough people make the right decision to wake up, and the golden age can start for real.

Or might that be that simply taking the right side is not everything that is required? What if Krishna is expecting some action from us? Looks like there’s no chance of sitting it out, anyway, some actions are indeed required. And what could those actions be?

A possible perfect solution 

This age of masks, vaccinations, restrictions and controversial decisions taken by the governments, makes this dilemma ever more pressing for us. What can we personally do in order to be as free as possible from the infrastructure of this doomed civilization and the mistakes that this materialistic society is making and is to make in the future?

Establishing communities might be one of the perfect answers to that dilemma. A lot has been said on sustainability, the need to establish agricultural Vaishnava communities and to figure it out how to implement Varnashrama system. Srila Prabhupada did want us to do it, so looks like there’s no way out. Indeed, such communities do cover all the aspects of human life – everything from spirituality to economics (the real one that is based on food-production, land and cows), to healthy lifestyle and upbringing of children.

What we need now is good examples. The examples that are reproducible. And there are such examples – like Nava-Vraja dhama in Hungary, for instance, and other communities. So, the path has been made. Now we need to follow. When we stop hoping to make some bargain with this dying civilization and can finally turn our heads towards the people and communities that are already working in this direction, there are going to be enough communities to be able to have some global influence.

The requirements of this age

Of course, it doesn’t mean that all of us should flee to the country and leave our homes in the cities, but helping those communities, or establishing other alternatives to what our modern civilization has to offer would be of a huge help to make the golden age start for real. What we really need now is cooperation with like-minded people, creativity and being constantly in-step with the times.

What every one of us should do is to realize our unique nature and use it in realizing the plan of the Lord. Because it’s clear that behind this complicated situation the whole world is in right now, there’s certainly a Divine plan, Krishna’s plan. And trying to see that, and to work along with it, in order to help Krishna turn it into reality, is our duty.

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