Whole wheat vareniki with two kind of fillings

Vareniki (varenyky) is a dish popular in some of the Eastern European countries. It is a kind of dumplings that are cooked by boiling in salty water. There is a wide variety of different fillings both sweet and salty.

Here we’re offering you two recipes for the most popular fillings – with sweetened farmer’s cheese and with potatoes.

Also, to make the dish healthier and easier for digestion, we are offering you a recipe for the dough that is made of whole wheat flour.


for 1 kilo of vareniki (around 50 pieces – 450 gr dough and 550 gr filling)


290 gr whole wheat flour

10 gr chicken pea flour

126 gr filtered water

10 gr salt

14 gr vegetable oil


If you decide to make both types of the fillings, make twice as much dough or take twice the smaller amount of the ingredients for the fillings.

Sweetened farmer’s cheese Filling

385 gr farmer’s cheese

110 gr sugar

55 gr butter

Potato filling

650 gr potatoes (after you boil it and peel it you will have around 420 gr left)

50 gr dill (after you wash it and remove the stem you will have around 25 gr dill)

5 gr salt

50 gr butter

  • To make the dough mix the two flours, dissolve salt in water, add the vegetable oil, and mix everything together. Knead the dough well, and let it rest for 30-40 minutes under a moist towel.
  • To make the sweet filling thoroughly mix all the ingredients.
  • If you choose to make the potato filling, peel the potatoes, and cook it in salty water till it’s ready.  Wash the dill, remove the stems (leave only the soft leaves) – chop into small pieces. Remove all the water from the boiled potatoes and mash it, mixing with butter and dill. Mix everything well.
  • Roll out the dough (its thickness should be around 2 mm). Take a glass or a cup – some kind of a mold, pressing which into the dough you can make rounds of the same shape. The rest of the dough can be gathered into a ball – you can roll it out again and make some more patties.
  • Take a cutting board and powder it slightly with a little bit of flour.
    Put around 12 gr of the sweetened filling and 15-16 gr of the potato filling into the center of each round, and make half-moon shaped vareniki by firmly pressing together the edges of each patty around the filling. For better adhesion you can slightly moisten one edge of the round with water from the inside. When you finish shaping one – put it on the cutting board, place them side by side in rows.
  • After you fill a cutting board, take it away into the freezer. In about an hour you can cook the vareniki by putting them into boiling, slightly salted water. It takes about 7-10 minutes for them to cook.
  • Vareniki are traditionally served with sour cream or sauces.
  • Offer vareniki to Krishna with love and enjoy the prasadam!

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