Low-calorie homemade ice-cream


Low-calorie homemade ice-cream This is a recipe for ice-cream which is extremely easy to make and low in calories, because it is made from milk, not cream. It is also quite useful, since it contains vegetable gums – guar and xanthan. Ingredients 500 ml milk 2 tsp stevia powder [...]

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Syrniki pancakes


Syrniki pancakes Syrniki are slightly sweetened, cheesy pancakes made from drained Farmer's cheese. They are very rich in protein and best served for breakfast or as a dessert. Ingredients (for 1 serving): 140 g farmer’s cheese (well drained) 20 g sugar A pinch of salt 15 g flour Some neutral [...]

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Homemade mini tarts with strawberries


Homemade mini tarts with strawberries Homemade mini tarts with strawberries   Ingredients for the dough: 150 g flour 100 g butter 50 g sugar a pinch of salt   Ingredients for the filling: 500 g strawberries (or any other berries) 100 g sugar 10 g agar-agar 50 ml water [...]

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Homemade Cheese Pie


Food for Life For a 30 cm pie you will need the following ingredients: For the dough Whole wheat flour - 200 gr Liquid (water, water/milk 50/50%, buttermilk, whey) - 130 gr Oil (any vegetable oil) - 20 gr Baking powder - 2 tsp Salt - ½ tsp Sugar [...]

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Russian cheesecake bites in carob coating


Russian cheesecake bites in carob coating Filling (for about 20 bites): 150 gram butter 250 gram sugar 900 gram dry farmer’s cheese (tvorog) 1.5 gram vanillin Coating: 150 gram butter 75 gram sugar powder 150 gram carob You will need: Ramekin or mold for freezing your bits [...]

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